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Client Testimonials | Finding a Local Psychologist

Client Testimonials | Finding a Local Psychologist Near Me

Psychological Counseling & Therapy Client Success Stories

Amazing and brilliant psychologist; east coast and Midwestern trained, PhD. Plus, he just connects with people immediately. First visit is impressive – he offers me coffee or water, standing behind a wall of degrees from the University of Notre Dame and many others. He’s a humble man who obviously knows what he doing. Dr. Dages got my daughter through bariatric surgery; then came back to speak at an evening support group. Highly recommend!

Good for Freeman getting PhD – trained psychologists. Ozark Center is obviously moving in the right direction. Dr. Dages credentials are amazing, I have been impressed with his clinical skills and even more by his skill-set and motivation to advocate for his patients. I speak for several other colleagues as well, highly impressed with this man. My own patients seem to connect and respond immediately to him and then do quite well.

A very aggressive communicator in attempting to integrate health care. Well done Freeman for recruiting him. More people need to know this man. He is the most persuasive communicator I have heard in years. Very professional, and a great colleague. Hire guys like this, if you can get Ph.D.’s into.

Dr. Dages is amazing. He made the psychological evaluation for my bariatric surgery at Freeman Hospital so calming and helpful. Unlike other evaluations I have had, where all they do is shove a bunch of psychological tests at you by an inexperienced doctor and then spend 10 minutes getting to know you. Dr. Dages spent almost 2 hours with me, and now I have lost weight and feel great. An amazing and caring doctor!

Dr. Dages has had an amazing and critically important impact on mental health in this area; his patients have benefited greatly. I would suggest bringing in more people with his caliber. Instrumental in bringing Freeman Hospital forward with the bariatric surgery program.

Dr. Dages is great. My family loves him! He is cool with all his licenses on the wall, and then he sits there and apologizes for not being able to type fast. The next thing, my daughter and I are holding each other other crying.

A really awesome doctor. He was kind and so concerned. Thank you for your kindness!

My family was so fortunate to be able to see Dr. Dages. He has been seeing me for over a year, and my life has changed. I am forever grateful.

He was absolutely the best doctor I have had. He actually called my other doctor to help me about my medications. Highly recommend Dr. Dages. Joplin is lucky to have this man!

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