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Amy Kay Cole

Amy Kay Cole, PhD

Dr. Amy Kay Cole holds a PhD in clinical psychology with expertise in the management of anxiety, trauma, mood impairment, and relationships. Dr. Cole has been a professor at Missouri Southern State University since 2002.

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How to choose a psychologist or counselor

Making the decision to pursue therapy typically comes after a long struggle. Most people don’t jump to calling a therapist after struggling with an issue for a day or two. Instead, they struggle for months, if not years, before seeking professional help for mental health issues. It&rsquo...

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Choosing a life partner might be the single most important decision we make. It’s hard to think of another decision which has as big of an impact on our personal, professional, and family lives. Many people enter marriage unprepared for the strains and pressures that inevitably arise. The...

Loneliness and our health

Without question, loneliness is a health issue. The attached article suggests it is “deadlier than obesity”. Psychologists identify several types of loneliness. Social loneliness occurs when we don’t have enough friends for social contact. That type of loneliness is expected when we move to a new...

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