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Take 5 Pledge | National Obesity Care Week

The Take 5 Pledge is meant to change the way that you care about obesity and represent your commitment to a society that understands, respects and accepts the complexities of this disease and values science-based care. This is your chance to get involved to change the...

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Do I Need A Counselor or Psychologist?

This is one of the most common questions that people considering therapy often ask themselves. For some, it’s a matter of not wanting to face the reality of their problems and for others there’s a stigma surrounding the idea of “getting help”. The truth is that many...

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June Update

June was an exciting month as Dr. John R Dages, PhD, LP, opened his private practice in Joplin, MO with immediate openings for new clients. While he is focused on serving the four state area, the practice is currently centered in Joplin, allowing the city to benefit...

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Psychotherapy | What You Can Expect

Your first therapy session At the first psychotherapy session, the therapist typically gathers information about you and your needs. You may be asked to fill out forms about your current and past physical and emotional health. It might take a few sessions for your...

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